Why turn to Airas Property Management?

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    Asset Management

    From day-to-day maintenance, regularly staying up to date with the conditions of the buildings, and rectifying errors speedily and to a high standard is our way of depicting that the convenience and wellbeing of our residents and landowners are our property.


    We believe in investing heavily in online exposure for your property. We will ensure your property is properly marketed with absolute leasing rights. The owner is not levied any charges whereas the advertising expense is covered through a one-time fee from the tenants. You can enjoy all the benefits of our prudent leasing management.

    Tenancy Management

    We will have no stones unturned as far as tenancy management is concerned. Finding prospective tenants, tenancy screening, document collection, preparation of tenancy agreement, move-in preparation, and dealing with all legal issues will entirely be handled by your property manager on a regular basis in accordance with the client’s needs and demands.

    Rent Collection

    As a mediatory party between the owner and a tenant, we take complete responsibility for the tedious rent collection process which can be exhaustive and time-consuming for the landowners. Our rent collection agreement puts forward the conditions and duration as well as the consequences of delayed payments. We will also manage failed rental payments which can be a massive headache to property owners. We want you to enjoy a hassle-free land-owning experience with Airas and for that, we shall assist you at all times.

    Why turn to Airas Property Management?

    We at Airas revolutionize how houses are made into homes. For too long we have witnessed owners of properties get a bad deal, settling for less than what they deserve and tourists in dilemma about which short term rentals to choose from and often ending up with spaces that feel to artificial and unwelcome.

    With Airas you can throw away your worry baggage out the window!

    Airas takes the load off your shoulders and effortlessly helps you earn higher returns on your investments consistently without fail. Moreover, we can offer you the best staycation experiences with the most stunning interiors suiting to your stay needs and a feel at home vacation time of your life. As your asset manager, we take care of your properties as well as your tenants and as your Short term rental host, we make sure our customers are well taken care of .Our efficient and trained personnel organize and executes all the respective tasks systematically

    Our property managers seamlessly multitask by keeping the clients regularly informed, managing pertaining to care for the property, verifying with the tenants,handling agreements, regulating all cash flows, etc. Specializing in property management in UAE, we have extensive knowledge in this field of practice, the local market and the strategies to be employed for the smooth running of the business.

    Our processes are so simple, so much so that you will fall in love with our ways of
    property management. We help landlords through each stage of the process by
    making it as smooth and straightforward as possible

    our Managing Director.

    Meet our Managing Director.

    Arjun Ramadas, the managing director of Airas Property Management has 9 years of experience in both short term rentals and property management especially in U. A. E ‘s most economical marvel – Dubai. He believes in the motto – “Look after the customers and the business will take care of itself.” Arjun leads a team of young and expert professionals who are trained to cordially treat customers in the most exquisite way by providing quick response to all the queries and dispel any doubts without hindrances.

    Our ultimate goal is to achieve the trust of our tenants and landlords which forms the foundation of our company. We tend to offer thebest customer services and have a long lasting relationship with our clients . The quality of our eminent services had attracted a large number of potential clients who had in turn referred us to ample number of prospective customers. Along with his Co-founders, he is proud to have a company where our clients are best positioned to fulfil all their potential while building long standing relationships with the landlords.


    excellent service, smooth check-in and check-out process and continuous support throughout my stay Deposit was returned quickly after checkout

    wael jabir


    Had my stay in jbr address apartment apartment was clean and has excellent view


    Nice comfortable apartment at JLT. within 15 minutes of the metro, nice, pleasant location .The host was accommodating and went out of the way to assists with things.



    The best place to stay……check in was so on the point with no stress.



    you are very recommended to stay tidy, clean, and the host is very helpful and responsive.

    Naif, Riyadh


    It is clean perfect and wide enough for family and quite



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